Dead Gnome / Död Tomte

Dead Gnome / Död Tomte

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Dead gnome, or in Swedish "hustomte".

With paper documentations.



Old label with swedish text.

Translated from swedish:
Merry Christmas little Anton

And a Happy New Year 1936

You have to watch this little man,So it doesn't get out of its cage,But don't forget to feed every night,Otherwise it dies with a bang!



Letter from previous owner

Translated from swedish:

Stockholm May 5, 1986.

To whom it concerns at the department,

Initially I want to write that the gnome in the box was already dead when it came in my possession, I do not answer for his death in any way.

The box was discovered by us in my husband's father's attic in Uppsala where it as been for a long time. His father has told that it should have been given to him as a  christmas gift in year 1935 by his father. The gnome was at the time alive. My husband’s father was just a little boy, and the gnome was forgotten by him. It resulted in that he did not get any food and probably died of starvation or lack of oxygen in his box where he was chained. His father has told him about the guilt feelings he had around the gnome’s death.


My husband has childhood memories from when he himself was a little boy and found the box with the gnome in the attic in the parental home. The gnome was then rigid and drenched as a mummy.  He became very much fascinated by the little creature. He took down the box from the attic to his room.

The morning after, my husband woke up to find his mother crying out loud in the kitchen. On the floor lay the family cat dead in a pool of blood. Around the head of the cat, there were lots of small stick wounds and in the throat, they found a small knife that had cut of the carotid artery of the cat.
On the floor there were traces in the blood of small footsteps leading into my husband's bedroom. However, the gnome was still in its box completely motionless. The mother was furious because he had taken down the gnome and he was punished for it. She took care of the box with the gnome and the bloody knife. My husband never saw it again, until few months ago when it was found in the house of his deceased father.


After we have taking care of the box, terrible things have happened here in our home. Things I don't want to mention in detail, but my husband is now also deceased and one of our sons is paralyzed for the rest of his life. I have not dared to tell the police about the gnome and I never want to know about it again.

I therefore wish that someone at the department either uses it to determine species and document its existence, or just burn it. Whichever you choose, handle it with great caution, it is capable of terrible things, even though it is apparently dead.


I know this sounds like I´m a crazy woman, and maybe I'm after what that horrible things that evil creature had done to our family for almost 100 years.


/ Prefer to be anonymous


Report from lab

Translation from swedish:



Case number: 1986–203 / A
Date: 1986-04-23

Responsible / Reference:
Professor Jacob Peterson, Biology, Department 404

Commissioned by:

Order description:
Specification of the specimen submitted by the public

Item Description:
Deceased specimens of unknown origin and species

Primary analysis:
At the first ocular inspection of the object, no species determination can be made

Tissue samples are taken and sent to the laboratory for bacterial culture and virus control.
DNA extraction is performed.
X-ray is performed.

The result of DNA extraction demonstrates traces of human sequences, however, no clear phylogeny can be produced.
Tissue samples show no aggressive viruses or bacterial cultures.
X-rays show through-body bone structures throughout the body.
Without more detailed investigations and dissection, the species on the object cannot be determined.


My recommendation is that the item be sent to the Natural History Museum in England for further investigation.


Case closed.